Zhang Weili’s other half is not looking for peers to find interesting souls
After defending the UFC grassweight gold belt, Zhang Weili may have a move with the louder Ross in the next battle. Zhang Weili under the UFC picture court likes her beautiful.  After defending the UFC grass-weight gold belt on March 8, Zhang Weili once stayed in the United States due to the epidemic.After returning to China on April 20, Zhang Weili was quarantined in Tianjin for two weeks.After the quarantine, Zhang Weili’s schedule was filled with activities, shooting and interviews.”I’m much busier than before when I didn’t win the championship.Zhang Weili said that she still prefers a simpler life. She has lost a lot of time in the past two months. She needs to enter the normal training rhythm as soon as possible to hold this hard-won golden belt.  After returning home for nearly a month without seeing her parents on March 8, Zhang Weili defeated Joanna in UFC248 and defended the women’s straw gold belt.After being affected by the epidemic, she stayed in the United States.In a telephone interview with the sauna at the end of March, Zhang Weili said that she never thought it would be so difficult to return home, and she once burst into tears.  On the evening of April 20, Zhang Weili inserted and transferred from Los Angeles back to Tianjin, where he was quarantined in place for 14 days.”When I walked out of the cabin and saw the words” Welcome Home “written on the epidemic prevention staff, I felt very warm and almost burst into tears.”Wei Zhang said that those epidemic prevention personnel wearing protective clothing are very kind, like family members.”  In an interview on May 14, Zhang Weili said that during the isolation period, she felt that she was eating non-stop every day, “Get up for breakfast in the morning, learn English in the morning and eat lunch, and practice in the afternoon and eat dinner again.”” MMA (Comprehensive Fighting) is a competition item divided by weight. Zhang Weili is particularly particular about eating, and the team takes her diet very seriously.”It ‘s normal to eat now, except that the amount of training is not large and you ca n’t eat too much.”Even in isolation, Zhang Weili was very self-disciplined. She said that she would secretly eat some high-heat and high-fat things in the early years, but now it definitely won’t.?People can’t control people, the key is that you know what you want and how to do it.”When she came back from the United States, Zhang Weili had made sufficient preparations for isolation, English study, physical exercise, live broadcast, and she was organized in an orderly manner.During isolation, Zhang Weili will learn English every day.Previously, because of the preparation, and the English teacher was not around, Zhang Weili thought that her English level had dropped a lot.A few days ago, an American friend sent her a voice, and Zhang Weili found that she could understand it and was able to communicate with each other. She was very happy.  ”It feels pretty fast in 14 days.”Weili Zhang said, looking back, I missed that period of time quite a bit,” I took the opportunity to take a good rest, I don’t know if there is such a time in the future.”After the quarantine ended, Zhang Weili returned directly to Beijing and did not return to his hometown in Hebei as originally planned.Almost a month after returning to China, Zhang Weili has not seen her parents.”The strike was delayed in the United States, and I was quarantined for another two weeks when I came back.”It’s easy to defend the mountains and rivers, but Zhang Weili said that you should hold this golden belt well.  Many people who like beauty and beauty also like fierceness. On August 31 last year, the UFC gold belt was first approved to defend this time, and the MMA sport was replaced by more people in China.In the eyes of many people, Zhang Weili’s commercial value is directly after Li Na, Zhu Ting and others, and is already a hot sports star in the domestic constitution.However, Zhang Weili said that she hasn’t changed, and she won’t change. It’s just that there are more people who know her.  When returning to Tianjin on April 20, Zhang Weili wore a protective suit, face protection with protective glasses, and a face mask.Even so, she was recognized as soon as she left the airport.After the quarantine period expired, Zhang Weili went to run by the river early in the morning, and too many people called her name.  ”I’m much busier than before when I didn’t get the championship.In an interview at noon on May 14, Zhang Weili didn’t have time to eat lunch. “Now my biggest wish is not to be so busy. Hurry back to normal training. I still like a simpler life.”On May 5th, the first morning after the expiration of the quarantine period, Zhang Weili went to Tianjin Traffic Management Bureau to shoot a promotional film. She was hired as the ambassador of Tianjin Civilized Transportation Public Welfare.  On social media, Zhang Weili will post some photos with makeup at the time of the event, which is similar to her image on the field. “Everyone should have more side. I like beauty and fierceness.Side.”However, while showing the other side to the outside world, Zhang Weili also heard some doubts.”A lot of people say that I won the championship and I don’t train well.”At this point, Zhang Weili saw it very openly. She said it was impossible for everyone to like it.” I didn’t post training photos on the Internet. Do you say I didn’t train? “”” A multi-faceted individual, an interesting soul “is what Zhang Weili has been pursuing, and this continues to her spouse selection criteria.  ”It doesn’t matter if you look tall, you have a good character, you have a sense of responsibility, and you just have to love.”The important thing is that there must be an interesting soul.Zhang Weili made it clear that the other half did not want to find peers, and did not want to mix life and work. “It can’t be said that training has gone for a day, and I still talk about tactics when I go home.”We won’t see the match with Joanna during the period when the goal was won until no opponent lifted weight and challenged the stay in the United States.In isolation in Tianjin, she watched the video of the game several times, and the more she saw the more she felt dull on the court.”Joanna is really strong and powerful, and she doesn’t play well.Zhang Weili said that the first three rounds of the game were basically in a state of circling. During the break, the first sentence she told the coach was “I have a blank head, and I have forgotten my skills and tactics.”  Because of the epidemic, the defending battle between Zhang Weili and Joanna was very difficult. She detoured to Bangkok and Abu Dhabi only turned to Las Vegas. “You must adjust your schedule before the game.Adjust it well.”The first opponent Zhang Weili defended was Joanna, which was her long-term imaginary enemy,” this time defeating her, one of my dreams was realized.”After losing to Zhang Weili, Joanna once said she wanted to fight twice.Zhang Weili said that the two might still be able to meet, “but certainly not now.”After the defending victory, Zhang Weili said that she was tougher and more confident-before that, she had never played 5 rounds, and her physical fitness was finally tested.Of course, at the UFC grassweight level, Zhang Weili’s goal is no longer Joanna.In the next defending battle, Zhang Weili ‘s opponent is likely to be between Ross, Valentina Shevchenko and Suarez. These three are Zhang Weili ‘s imaginary enemies at this stage.Will be happy.”Weili Zhang likes to set goals in stages. The goal at this stage is to stabilize the UFC grassweight champion.When asked what was “indisputable”, Zhang Weili replied happily: “The opponents you can think of have all won, and then there will be no competitors, let everyone be convinced.”If we can monopolize the UFC grass weight gold belt, Zhang Weili’s next goal is to challenge the previous grade gold belt.Farther away, Zhang Weili ‘s goal is to hope that more children will join in and make the children ‘s body stronger through exercise. “This exercise requires the efforts of more people to develop better.”” After winning the gold belt on UFC Fight Night in Shenzhen last year, Zhang Weili once shouted to UFC President Bai Dalai, hoping that the UFC digital game (need to watch) would come to China as soon as possible.With Zhang Weili defending his title, the UFC digital tournament looks not far away from China.”Soon, surely in the past two years.Zhang Weili said that UFC has attracted more and more attention from people in China, and it is only a matter of time before a digital tournament is held in China.  Writing / Sauna, Night Net Sun Haiguang