At the same time Jiang Wan’er discovered。
Fang Yu is wearing a hospital white gown today。
Not the same as the old casual wear!
No wonder!
Turned out to be full……
“I was thinking of letting you go to us……It seems I think too much!”Jiang Wan’er muttered。
“Miss Jiang,I only have medical skills。You let me go to your company,I am afraid it is useless!All right……After today you just have to take medicine on time,No problem,Seven days later。
Can be discharged!”
Fang Yu said deeply。
Simultaneously,Ready to leave!
“Doctor Fang……Can you chat with me for a while?”
Jiang Waner asked。
Fang Yu didn’t go to the pharmacy again,So much time。
As a specially appointed doctor,Fang Yu doesn’t need to be in the hospital all the time。
Responsible for only some patients!