“I’ll accompany you to buy,These things have to be bought sooner or later”Julan said,Walked into the newly renovated clinic,Look east,Look west。
The medicine shelves are all custom-made,Not only very suitable but also beautiful。Julan was still standing in front of the counter of Chinese medicine,A beautiful experience。
Julan’s funny look,Amused Wang Youcai。This is a woman,Sometimes they are not demanding。A happy,What I want to do。The other is a shoulder to lean on。
Wang Youcai driving the car,Take Julan to the largest supermarket in Pingdu。I bought all the cooking tools at once,I bought a lot of vegetables when I came back。
Although Dr. Lu’s courtyard is a bit old,But after all, it is a small courtyard in the city,So the living facilities are still very complete,And Wang Youcai’s newly renovated house is particularly spacious。
Julan is cooking,And praise how good this house is。Doctor Lu is not here now,The gate is closed,This is equivalent to their private space。Such a life,Not only is Julan yearning,Even Wang Youcai feels good。
I use an electric stove for cooking,So the speed is quite fast。The noodles are machine noodles bought in the supermarket,So it didn’t take much time,The two are already sitting at the small dining table,Joking,Eating noodles。
“Hey!Your shop is decorated,When will it open?I can’t wait”Julan said,Chong Wang Youcai smiled sweetly。
Wang Youcai thought for a while and said:“The payment for the medicine was paid the day before yesterday,We can open on the eighteenth of the twelfth lunar month at the latest。What’s your job remarks?and also,How do you tell Chen Donghai?It’s really not a paper bag”
“I think about it,Ready to have a good talk with him。Persuade him and me to go through the formalities,So everyone is good”Julan said,Took a long breath。
Wang Youcai didn’t speak anymore。He suddenly felt a sense of guilt。Although the failure of Julan and Chen Donghai’s marriage has nothing to do with him,But he always feels a little uncomfortable。
Finished dinner,Because there is still some mess in the store。So Wang Youcai didn’t get tired of Julan,But went to the clinic again。
Wang Youcai is very clear,He has been in Pingdu these days,In case Hu Huiru calls to check Gang,There is nothing wrong with it once,I’m afraid she will check it a few times,Then he will be miserable。
So he has to finish everything here quickly,Go back to Chenzhuang as soon as possible。Just when Wang Youcai was busy getting people to install sockets,Julan smiled and walked in。
Wang Youcai quickly pulled her aside and said:“You still don’t come here recently,In case you get hit by Chen Donghai,That would be a big trouble”
“I’m not afraid of him。Hey!Have you finished the Chinese medicine??Always go to Xu Lihong,The medicine is not good”Julan said,Suddenly became jealous again。
Wang Youcai smiled and said:“Finished,I have to wait for Doctor Lu to come back,Get me some more”Wang Youcai’s announcement just fell,His phone rang。