“Haven’t you heard,This sentence will have a drop of eternal blood for sale。”
“Just the blood of the eternal family of Daojun,It’s not the final treasure。If the eternal emperor is all trained,It is expected to reach that price。”
A world,Even the Taoists talk to each other。
Appreciation Club,It was organized by the Chisang Temple,Very high level。
Ordinary treasure,The transaction is all 100,000 cubic meters of Chaos Spirit Liquid—Or,At least it is a treasure of eternal magic。
Eternal magic weapon,Can’t be put in the appraising meeting。
Zhongpin eternal magic weapon、Treasures at the level of the Pill of Life and Death are also the most common auction items at the Appreciation Fair.。、
in history,The Appreciation Club has sold 500 million Chaos Spirit Liquid treasures—This is equivalent to ten times the value of the ordinary monarch on the edge of the road!
Appreciation Club,It was held in a palace in Chisang City。
The size of the palace,No less than a chaotic world,A stone platform with treasures displayed around the center in a triple sky。
Peak,He is the Margin of Hedao,They have high status,Strong,Chisang Temple also arranged a quiet room for them,They can also bring disciples。Occasionally there will be emperors coming and will be on this floor—When an extremely precious treasure appears at a treasure appraisal meeting。
Second floor,To ordinary Taoists。
the third floor,A lot of worlds,And the Taoists,Their purchasing power is relatively weak
As Li Ming,Unless he discloses that he has realized the strongest way of integration,Otherwise, it will be able to interact with other worlds、The Master of Life and Death is generally crowded at the bottom。