The Dragon King reacted first,High five:“Good legwork,Master Zhao was not wronged!”
At the moment, two people went up and smashed Zhao Ling, who had passed out.,The Dragon King turned his head and said to everyone:“Who can fight!”
Everyone shook their heads,Zhao Lingli is the best one in their group,He loses with one move,How can I avoid it by myself。
Chen Xiu stroked the messy hairstyle in the fight and said proudly:“Dragon King,Hurry up and prepare for the second level!”
The Dragon King said helplessly:“No one here is your opponent,The second level we fight!”
Chen Xiu frowned and said:“It’s not fair,Wendou is too wide,In case you ask me the origin of mankind、The Big Bang、Gravitational waves、Darwin、Einstein、Hawking can’t answer the question,Did I lose?!”
“do not worry,My Dragon King will not make this。Since you opened an antique shop,I will test your appraising ability in the second level,To be convinced!”
Chen Xiu was happy right now,Said proudly:“Then you just send me the sub-question,My greatest ability is not my fist,But my ability to appraise treasure!”
The Dragon King saw Chen Xiu so calm,Can’t help thinking:“Is his ability to appraise treasures really so awesome!”
Think again:“wrong,I know those expert appraisers who are not seventy-eighties,He is young and strong,How much knowledge can I have。He must have come to an empty plan,Useful words to scare me,Let me change the topic!”
Dragon King has a plan in his heart,Said with a smile:“Since Mr. Chen is so confident,Just ask Mr. Chen to help me appraise this treasure!”
Chen Xiu also has some expectations,He did not rarely see the Dragon King at the auction house taking out the treasures of the country for auction,If it weren’t for these things,,Several times he couldn’t help but want to compete。
Soon two staff members came with an aluminum alloy password box,From the moment it opened, Chen Xiu stared at the gap,I can’t take it out myself,Take a quick look at what kind of treasures are inside。
I saw a staff member slowly took out a yellowish pot from inside,Slender,Curved handle,Covered as a pagoda-shaped orb button,The connecting plate between the flow and the neck of the kettle is shaped like a flow cloud,Curved pot handle,Tangle flowers are painted on both sides,It is the method of double painting inside and outside,Painted with clouds on the body of the pot,Neck Painted Tangzhi Tea、Flip and banana leaf pattern for one week each,Vigorous pine branches,The branches are straight and beautiful。