Zhao Haiyi just left the door,I saw the planning director Guo Jinpeng walking towards him with a smile。
“Haiyi,welcome back!Mr. Cui called me just now,Said you were transferred to our planning department,Talented Zhao is back,The planning department is as powerful as a tiger!”
Guo Jinpeng and Zhao Haiyi are about the same age,Is an old employee of Yidong Media,When Zhao Haiyi was the director of the planning department,He is also a copy editor。Feng Shui turns now,The positions of the two have changed。
Guo Jinpeng is very polite to Zhao Haiyi,But the more polite he,Zhao Haiyi is more uncomfortable。The two went to the director’s office to chat for a while,Zhao Haiyi left with an excuse。
Recalling Cui Ronghao’s words,Zhao Haiyi went to the stairwell and called Zhang Xiaoxue,Told her to resign as soon as possible,Zhang Xiaoxue always listened to him,But this time,But very persistent。
“Haiyi,I did nothing wrong,Why let me resign?I will not resign!”
“Xiaoxue,Resignation is the best option now。Our affairs are spread all over the company,Are you still embarrassed to go to work?If it wasn’t for Mr. Cui threatening me,I also quit。”Zhao Haiyi looked around,Make sure no one,Speak to Zhang Xiaoxue in a low voice。
“You and Korean Poetry are not married,It’s normal to change girlfriends。Say whatever others like,I don’t care!I will not resign!”Just a few words,Zhang Xiaoxue’s shameless nature is exposed。
Zhang Xiaoxue’s words made Zhao Haiyi dumbfounded,It seems that this little girl really doesn’t know the sky and the earth,All about them,She’s still okay。
It’s okay to be someone else,I think he was with Korean poetry, but it was a good story from Yidong Media。Say again,Korean poetry is very popular in the company,Many colleagues like her。Public opinion will definitely turn to Korean poetry,In the eyes of colleagues,He is mostly a scumbag with two boats,And Zhang Xiaoxue is a disdainful little.three。
Opposite Poems,He feels guilty,But Zhang Xiaoxue doesn’t think so。
“Haiyi,Whatever you say,I won’t resign!”Listen to Zhao Haiyi not speaking,Zhang Xiaoxue repeats it again,Seems to have eaten the weight。