Sound like night wind
Hand on the keyboard very lightly
I’m very careful in thinking
The place where you are buried is called Netherworld”
at this time,Feng Xichuan’s retro telephone ringing came from the bathroom,It took a long time for him to connect……
“Hey……Which?”Feng Xichuan came out and wiped his hair with a towel,Obviously the whole person’s head was rinsed with cold water just now……
“Captain Feng??You didn’t even know who I was?I’m Haruno Sakura!”A cute girl voice came over the phone,It’s like adding two pieces of ice to the coke。
“you……you……Do you have any question?”Feng Xichuan did not expect to receive a call from Little Beauty after the game。
“How do you fight
Quit the game after the game?There is also the next event information to be arranged!”Haruno Sakura said。
“Next game?I heard it right?You mean there is another one?!”Feng Xichuan’s eyes suddenly lit up。
Hear here,The members of the Flower and Grass team gathered around,Including Guo Yinzhe who staggered off the sofa。