When will my daughter’s knot be untied

It’s almost nine o’clock, and the baby girl who has been playing crazy for a night is sitting on the sofa with two big eyes open at the moment, her mouth closed tightly, and her mouth seems to keep pretendingSuck and suck, all kinds of indications indicate that she has begun to become sleepy, and sure enough, the next minute, she began to yell at the bedroom with her little finger, and yelled at me, “Meng, mon!

“My heart sank and I came again!”

After thinking about it, there was no delay in action. I rushed into the bedroom quickly and quickly searched for my daughter’s baby, “Mengmeng!

Dedicated to my daughter immediately, Lenovo took hold of her “Mengmeng”, and then she calmed down, opened her hands in peace, and let me hug her into the house to drink milk and sleep.

She still had her “Mengmeng” tightly in her sleep, and I tried to drag it, but she was pulled back by her instinct instinctively, as if she was afraid of losing her “protective umbrella” in her sleep.

At this moment, looking at my daughter’s sleeping and contented face, my heart was deeply hurt.

  What is it?

I’m not afraid to laugh when I say it, it’s my husband and me.

“Mengmeng” is the name developed by her daughter.

  Every night, Lenovo repeats the above experience.

Regarding this situation, in fact, our adults did not feel anything abnormal at first.

But as time went on, such behavior became more and more intense, and even when I went home, “Meng” did not leave, I couldn’t help but realize her abnormal behavior.

  At first she thought that her daughter might be in love, and she thought about it with a crooked head. It was about fourteen or fifteen months before Lenovo began to have such signs.

At that time, her daughter began to have some self-consciousness, began to learn to speak, learned to understand the meaning of adults, and learned to communicate with others in her own way.

I can’t remember the specific day, in short, it started after she finally knew the “pillow towel”, a must-have in life.

At first she just thought it was interesting, because I often used a pillow scarf to hide the cat with my daughter, put the pillow scarf on my daughter’s head, and then snorted to make her daughter laugh.

The happier my daughter is, the more I like to play with her in this way.

I just felt that while playing, my daughter often came to ask for “pillow towels” from adults.

Over and over again, the pillow towel seemed to become the exclusive property of her daughter, and she was covered, piled up, and even sat on it.

Later, we completely agreed with us!

  I didn’t care too much about her strange behavior, and thought that children would have a period where they could be incomprehensible to a special object.

Therefore, despite her dominance, even later, some inexplicable landforms occurred. It was clear that at night, my husband and I were covered with a pillow towel to sleep.I snatched my arms and didn’t know what superb martial arts my daughter had used tonight, but it wasn’t even noticed that we could snatch them from our heads.

  When I discovered that the pillow towel was missing again in the morning of the Nth time, I began to carefully analyze this special behavior of my daughter!

  The fact made the adult’s heart hurt, and after careful observation for a few days, I finally concluded that the daughter does not think about her “Meng” all day long, and even thinks at some special time: wake up in the morningWhen you come, when you want to take a nap, when you want to go to bed at night, when you wake up in the middle of the night, or when you get quiet after a big daytime trouble.

In short, it’s a sentence, it’s only when she’s most vulnerable.

  Finally, one day, after seeing such a scene, her daughter regained her “Mengmeng”, buried her face deeply, and after alternately smelling the smell above, she suddenly relaxed. At this moment, I suddenlyEpiphany, why is her daughter so overbearing on the pillow towel?

Because it has the taste of my husband and me!

Because of this, when she closed her eyes and cried in the middle of the night, because she could recognize it with her nose!

From this point of view, daughters are double fetish, and even lack a sense of security, lack of parental care, usually a manifestation of security!

Without her parents, “Mengmeng” naturally became the only sustenance of her spirit, because the above taste can and can only make her feel it all the time. It turns out that her parents did n’t go away, and she was always by her side,Thinking of this, I can’t help but have a sore nose. Yeah, as working parents, we do n’t care enough for our daughter!

  When can my daughter’s knot be resolved?

  After discovering this secret of my daughter, I began to try more time to accompany my daughter. As long as I was resting, I would do my best to take my daughter to play everywhere. Although it may not change too much, it can only build our mother and daughter’s mindMore communication on!

The summer vacation is about to begin, and I will start my full-time experience again. I look forward to the efforts of my husband and me to untie my daughter’s heart as soon as possible and let the secret disappear with the wind!