Shengshi Hua, China Runpris! On October 1, Dongtai Xixi Tianxianyuan Scenic Area held the opening ceremony of China Tianxian Culture Festival in the city wall square, and citizens from all over the world and tourists enjoyed and drink in Xixi. Cultural dinner.

On the morning, the red flag in the scenic spot fluttered, showing a festive, peaceful, festive holiday atmosphere.

At 10:08, the high-spirited dance "flag opening" opened the prelude of the whole event. Subsequent Hanfu show, the men in the Hanfu is coming with melodious music, as if I came from history, people are painting in line, painting with people. "It’s so beautiful!" "The little sister really" … Modern Express reporter noticed that the wonderful opening performance attracted many people, tourists’ eyes, everyone praised, while holding mobile phone recording this exciting Time. In the exciting drums, the sea officially opened the street, and the crowd flocked to the neighborhood. The reporter saw that the sea retains the original Songcheng characteristics, and there are dozens of special formats, there are bar, hot pot, fast food, barbecue, daily materials, tea and other fashion store. The most attractive eye is that thousands of ornamental fish and "Mermaid" in the ocean hall have attracted many tourists to stop watching. It is reported that this model is the first in Jiangsu.

"I have been there several times before, this time I have found more interest!" Mr. Mao from Taizhou City took a child to Xixi in the National Day holiday, and they tasting in the sea, eating snacks in the grass city street. The wedding show of the Wood Street is a wedding show … It’s too easy to play.

Carry forward the traditional culture, the beauty of Hanfu! On the same day, Xixi Scenic Area also held the opening ceremony of the Tianxian Han Dynasty, attracted a large number of Hanfu and traditional cultural enthusiasts came to "punch".

"Tianxianyuan Han Decoration is located in the southwest corner of Xixi Scenic Area. The total area is about 1845 square meters. It is currently the largest Chinese service hall in the country." The relevant person in charge of Xixi Scenic Area introduced that Hanquan integrates Hanfu exhibition, Hanfu rental sales and other functions. " Stress to create a cloak of the scenic spot, aim to create a classical chic Hanfu space, let the guests live in the charm of Chinese Hanfu culture during the purchase process. Modern Express reporter learned that the Tianxian Welfare Culture Festival held during the National Day holiday is rich in content, the form is diverse, the scenic spot invites eight parties, the group of "Hold" Street Dance National Invitational Tournament, set off the stage frenzy; "I want to go to the Spring Festival Evening" wonderful show Legend, showing a visual feast for the majority of tourists.

In addition, non-legacy matrix acrobatics, water wedding show, city well juggling, etc. The beautiful scenery of Xixi, enjoy the fun of playing. related suggestion.